EAS Supports INGER Hotel's Digitalization with €79,910.37 Grant

The Estonian Enterprise and Innovation Agency (EAS) has approved a grant of €79,910.37 to Osaühing Travel Balt, operator of the INGER Hotel, for the digitalization of the hotel's daily processes. The project aims to expand the functionality of existing software and introduce new software for catering and employee time tracking, as well as integrating various software programs and implementing an automatic door locking system.

The total cost of the project is €169,122.42, of which Osaühing Travel Balt will provide a minimum of €89,212.05 as self-financing. The grant was awarded based on the evaluation of the business and export sector evaluation committee, which gave the project a combined score of 2.80 out of 5.

The implementation of this project will significantly reduce manual work and modernize and optimize the hotel's processes. The grant was awarded under the conditions and procedures set out in the Estonian government's regulation on the conditions and procedures for supporting digital transformation of enterprises.